Thursday, August 24, 2006

I miss, a site created by Jason Zada that was extremely helpful to me when I first started shooting and editing video. The site entailed a weekly theme, usually one word or short phrase, and contributors were supposed to create a short video based on that theme. The videos were to be filmed and edited in a day or less.

The site sort of faded away because of the time and effort required to manage the site, and the limitation that the contributors had to have their own available space to host videos. With the advent of free and easy to maintain sites like blogger, and the ability to have video hosted on sites like youTube and Google Video for free, those issues are no more.

This an attempt to resurrect the concept of weeklyDV. Instead of a weekly theme, I will post a new theme the first of every month, probably starting on September 1st, 2006. Contributors will have about 15 to 20 days to film, edit, and submit a link to there video.

Additionally, a Star Chamber like group of secret judges will select their favorite submission for that month's theme, and that contributor will be awarded a custom monthlyDV winners t-shirt (sure to become a collector's item!).


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