Sunday, October 15, 2006

Submissions for October, 2006 - Topic: Culinary Art

The judges have spoken, and it's a tie for The Most Interesting Video of the Month between "Sunday Sauce" and "PB & J".

Director: Steve Grisetti

Sunday Sauce on Vimeo

Director: Chuck Engels

A Short Food Program About How To Construct A Chicago Style Hot Dog.

Frankly Speaking

Director: Janice and Ed

Pasta and ukulele music...enough said.

Pasta 101 on Vimeo

Director: Katie and Ed

We did this on Saturday with 249 digital photographs. We used JPGVideo, which is a free program that creates an AVI file from a series of images. We then used Adobe Premiere Elements to add music and fades. I think down the road we'll do a longer video using the same process.

PB & J on Vimeo


At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Ed said...

After watching "Frankly Speaking" I want one of those hot dogs right now, even though it's only a little after 9:00 AM.

The keyframing with the intro was really good. The shots were well planned, and the editing was very tight. I liked how you showed different vantages (especially when it appeared the camera was in the microwave) and kept the scenes moving.

The narration was also very good. You have a great voice for this kind of thing. I could picture you on morning television doing those human interest stories.

I also liked the applause at the end.

I want to watch it a few more times, then may add additional thoughts.

At 12:55 PM, Anonymous ed said...

I think "Sunday Sauce" is very good. I like how the video was segmented with the time of day and the stage of the preperation for the all day sauce.

I also liked the fisheye effect used in some of the scenes. Was that from a lens or was it an editing effect?

The editing was good, the video moved quickly, but not to quickly, from scene to scene. The differing camera angles were also a good touch.

I also liked the ending scene, with the chief at the table by himself at the end of the meal.


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