Monday, November 06, 2006

Submissions for November, 2006 - Topic: Open

The judges have selected "Savona" as The Most Interesting Video of the Month. Congrats to Dan!

Director: Janice and Ed

This is from a video collaboration on Vimeo with beaglebot.

The All - Knowing Oracle on Vimeo

Director: Dan Wilson

Check out Dan's website for more of his short films, photography, and commercial work samples. You must have Quicktime to view this film. Download the free player here.

[click the image below to view the film]


Director: Ed

Blackcat's acting debut! Also featuring the music of Leadbelly.

Birdfeeder on Vimeo


At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Ed said...

Savona - The music was a perfect fit for the video; it really set the mood. I liked the "stop motion" look to some of the clips. Was this done on capture or post production? The different camera angles of the somewhat bored looking women were among my favorite clips.

I also looked at your site, and found out you were the one who did the movie "Leavings" for the now defunct That was one of my favorites; it always left me feeling like I should take a shower after viewing it.


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