Monday, January 08, 2007

Submissions for January, 2007 - Topic: Holiday

This was one of the toughest yet. whiskytrader's video was great; exotic images and a first class job on the narration. Ed's Christmas Pickle showed a different side of Christmas, but the The Most Interesting Video of the Month has to go to Doreen. Great captures of her family enjoying the holidays, along with first class editing. Congrats!

Director: whiskytrader

A glimpse at religous ceremonies in Taiwan.

Chinese Religion in Taiwan

Director: Doreen

A few excerpts from Christmas 2006.

[click the image below to view the film]

Glimpses of Christmas 2006
Glimpses of Christmas 2006

Director: Ed

The first year of our annual Christmas Pickle family tradition.

The Christmas Pickle on Vimeo

Director: Ed

This is a short video of trimming the Christmas tree, set to the music of Kay Martin and Her Body Guards.

I basically washed out the video, sped it up about 600x speed, and put some white ghosting in.

Trimming The Christmas Tree on Vimeo


At 7:43 PM, Blogger monthlyDV Staff said...

Glimpses of Christmas 2006 -- the editing blows me away. You really put a lot into this. Was the frost (snow?) around the screen done in photoshop? My favorite scene was probably your father(?) opening his present; a nice drinking glass, and not being able to use it right away. Give me his email address, I'll rectify that fir next year!

Chinese Religion in Taiwan -- Great travel shots of customs in Taiwan. I had to check with my work associates; and they confirmed the events. Your narration was also spot on--I know that is hard to do well.


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