Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Submissions for February, 2007 - Topic: Open

The Most Interesting Video of the Month goes to Ed for his video "A Pirates Life For Me...". There's nothing like sailing on the open seas.


Director: Ed

I was recording a song for my blog, on the ukulele I built from a kit, with my Canon miniDV camcorder. I usually leave the lens cap on when I do this, but I must have had it off for the first couple of takes. I found the video while importing another video off of the tape.

If you want to check out the thread on making the ukulele go to this link. Making a Ukulele

I'm a Believer on Vimeo

Director: Ed

I did this one Saturday afternoon last month. I used to make these ships when I was a kid and float them down the stream in back of our house.

A Pirates Life For Me... on Vimeo


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