Sunday, May 06, 2007

Submissions for May, 2007 - Topic: Open

The Most Interesting Video of the Month goes to whiskytrader for his video "Music? Noise? Homemade? Made in Taiwan?". The exotic musical instruments were really cool.

Director: Ed

Me practicing a song for our new band, which will be a kind of "Partridge Family" thing. Instruments will include uke, kazoo, cardboard box drum kit, shakers, toy piano and guitar.

Ukulele Practice from ed on Vimeo

Director: whiskeytrader

Music? Noise? Homemade? Made in Taiwan?

Noise or Music?

Director: Ed and Janice

Events that have happened in my lifetime.

So Far from ed


At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Ed said...

Noise or Music? - I love seeing those exotic instruments. I's like to try to play all of them. Thanks for posting this.


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